thebigEZ – Ultimate Frisbee Team Vienna

thebigEZ is an Open Ultimate Frisbee Club team from Vienna, Austria. A well-balanced mix of experienced players as well as younger athletes makes up one of Austria’s strongest and most successful Ultimate Frisbee teams. Every year thebigEZ integrates young talents from the club’s successful Juniors program, the huskEZ. thebigEZ keeps on developing by having a dedicated fitness program and Ultimate trainings throughout the year.

The head of the team consists of our two head coaches Florian „Flo“ Walter und David „Rixi“ Rigger as well as our fitness coach Clemens „Clemi“ Kogard.

Having performance-orientated ambitions, thebigEZ still maintains a chilled and friendly team atmosphere between all players and coaches. Commitment and a good team spirit are the key values of the team.

The following years we will be confronted with hard work, sweat and hopefully rewarding success — pushing forward into Europe’s Ultimate Frisbee Elite.

Just relax, darlin‘. This is thebigEZ.



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