The Facts

  • May 26th-27th 2018

  • 16 open teams

  • 12 women teams

  • 2x breakfast, 1x dinner (optional)

  • Teamfee: € 150,- (playersfee tbd)

The Highlights

  • High-level Ultimate (75-90 minutes games), 7-7

  • Only a few minutes from Vienna Airport (Google Maps)

  • You love real grass, huh? We too! The venue provides 5 high-quality soccer fields

  • Free camping at the venue

  • Hotel/hostel for more convenience

Accepted teams (Women)

  • box vienna (AT)

  • Brilliance (RU)

  • CUSB Shout (IT)

  • East Block (CZ)

  • Innsisters (AT)

  • LilliPuc (FR)

  • Mainzelmädchen (DE)

  • mantis (AT)

  • Prague Devils (CZ)

  • Terrible Monkeys (CZ)

  • Woodchicas (DE)

  • YAKA (FR)

Waiting list (alphabetically ordered)

Catchup Women (AT), CZE U20 Women (CZ), Czech Women (CZ), DiscoBolo (IT), GoHo Girls (DE), HalloDonna (HU), Left Overs (CZ), mentos (AT), Mosquitas/Lok Stoli (AT), Nazionale Italiana U20 (IT), Nice Bristols (UK), Slovak women national team (SK)

Accepted teams (Open)

  • Brighton City (UK)

  • Catchup Open (AT)

  • Cosmo Men (SI)

  • Cota Rica Grandes (IT)

  • CUSB La Fotta (IT)

  • FUJ (CZ)

  • FWD>> (AT)

  • Gigolo (UA)

  • Left Overs (CZ)

  • LOL Open (HU)

  • Mosquitos (AT)

  • Outsiterz (SK)

  • Prague Devils (CZ)

  • Rampage Moscow (RU)

  • thebigEZ (AT)

  • Yellow Block (CZ)

Waiting list (alphabetically ordered)

Aurora (RU), DiscoBolo (IT), Dublin Gravity (IE), Hardfisch (DE), Hund Flach Werfen (DE), Nazionale Italiana U20 (IT), Terrible Monkeys (CZ), Ultimate Bergamo (IT)


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