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Missuldisc 2014

Six savage Cheek2Cheek players took the eight hour incredibly beautiful trip through the Austrian, Swiss and Italian Alps to Gera Lario on the beautiful Lake Como to play Ultimate at Missuldisc 2014! We were really, really keen to play and really, really lucky to find several motivated pick- up players from all over the world to play with us (thanks Tobey for coming all the way from New Zealand;))! This year’s Missuldisc theme was „Viva Las Geras“ and the guys from Frasba dal Lac showed their creativity and their enthusiasm in organizing a very special tournament once again. We had a good start on Saturday and won all of our games. I remember one of our opponents describing us as a real compact team with an amazing defence. We took the lead in the first game and won 9:8 against Oldastreji from Padua. By then it was quite windy and we were really good in handling these conditions, especially our dense defense made our opponents pretty tired. We won the games against Sugar Mix (7:5) from Germany, XLR8RS from Brussels (12:2) and Ultimate Milano (7:5). The scenery of the tournament’s spot was really amazing, right by the lake with snowy mountains all around. Some of us even dared to swim- (wo)man, did that hurt;)! The next highlight was the incredible Beer race performance of Elisabeth and Raphie, featuring a sprint of Raphie with Elisabeth on his shoulder and her beer in his stomach. We enjoyed dinner under the trees and were served Italian wine and a three course menu. Frasba dal Lac aren ́t just amazingly good in partying, they are also amazingly creative in organising the party around the tournament theme. Due to the [...]

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